Experience our Farm-to-Follicle® difference! 

Experience our Farm-to-Follicle® difference! 



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About By T. Spruill

By T. Spruill® founder, Tracey Spruill, is among the estimated 31.6 million [1] people in the U.S. affected by some form of eczema. Her chronic skin condition is isolated around her hairline. After a routine visit to the dermatologist office, Tracey inquired with her physician what shampoo and conditioner was recommended aside from prescription shampoos. She recalls the physician suggesting some over-the-counter (OTC) brands that she had no interest in due to their harshness and reputation of excessively stripping hair. The physician loosely suggested ingredients to look for and ingredients that should not be included. However, the conversation never yielded a solid recommendation. Tracey wanted effective products that would gently cleanse, soothe irritation and restore moisture. 

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In addition to her personal experiences, as a licensed cosmetologist, Tracey has had a front row seat with servicing clients with troubled scalps whether it be from behind-the-chair during a salon visit, on-location at a bridal hair booking or even backstage at runway shows or editorial photoshoots. Tracey prides herself in being in-tune with her client’s hair and scalp conditions then educating them on healthy hair care practices. As a result, she is looked to as a trusted advisor for those seeking her professional services.

Tracey witnessed close family and friends being diagnosed and/or dealing with conditions that adversely affected their hair and scalp such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, effects caused by chemotherapy, lupus (systemic and discoid) and alopecia (CCCA and traction). This became the heaviest mounting block that drove Tracey to become passionate about developing a solution that she could confidently recommend as a gentle and effective alternative in hair care. 

For two years she studied natural, botanical and organic ingredients while working with a manufacturer of FDA products to develop products that removed debris from scalps while soothing irritation and restoring moisture. Tracey is proud of her findings and looks forward to how the By T. Spruill® Farm-to-Follicle® approach will add confidence to the lives of people suffering from hair and scalp conditions. 

[1] nationaleczema.org

The Founder, Tracey

Tracey Spruill is an experienced cosmetologist who’s worked on fashion teams responsible for head turning styles seen on the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Swim, Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week, New York Full Figured Fashion Week and the New York Fashion Week. The Durham, NC native’s work has also been featured in ESSENCE® Online, The Huffington Post, Ferreira Dance professional dance wear catalog and US News & World Report magazine. 

After obtaining her undergraduate degree from North Carolina A&T State University in accounting graduating with honors, Tracey earned her cosmetology licensure from Aveda Institute – Chapel Hill in 2008. Over the years, Tracey has continued to expand her knowledge of the industry by working with different hair textures and testing various products. 

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...LEARN ABOUT THE benefits OF OUR ingredientS... 

...LEARN ABOUT THE benefits OF OUR ingredientS... 

She’s earned certifications in hair weaving/hair extensions, wig making/cranial prosthesis and has found a love for the art of bridal hair design.

By definition, a licensed cosmetologist is regarded as a trusted advisor in the beauty industry pertaining to hair, skin and nails. Tracey continues to uphold the integrity of the industry through her work and by informally educating others. She plans to instill the importance of proper scalp and hair care with her new platform By T. Spruill® - an apothecary hair care line.

Tracey currently resides in Charlotte, NC and is the proud daughter of Bobby and Hazel Spruill. She has an older brother, Eric and an identical twin sister, Stacey.

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