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Healthy Scalp

solution for

Dry Scalp, Itchy Scalp, Scalp Inflammation, Hair Breakage, Thinning Hair & Other Common Scalp Irritations Typically Caused by Dandruff.

...merging proven medicine with tried and true holistic healing...



Aloe + Coal is an apothecary hair care system curated to nurture mild to intermediate hair & scalp concerns with

for even the most sensitive scalp conditions.

ingredients proven to be

 Gentle + Effective 


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Farm-to-Follicle® apothecary cosmetic and over-the-counter (OTC) scalp therapy hair care made with natural, organic & botanical ingredients.

Quality products made to address real hair health concerns by merging proven medicine with tried and true holistic healing.

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Meet The Founder

Suffering from a chronic skin condition isolated around her hairline, Tracey wanted a solid solution for effective products that would gently cleanse, soothe irritation and restore moisture. After receiving loose suggestions from her physician and no real resolution, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

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Recently used Aloe + Coal By T. Spruill® on my 1 year old niece who has eczema around her edges.  Usually after washing her edges they become pretty inflamed but after using Aloe + Coal they were not red and it didn't burn her eyes while washing.  I could feel a difference in the texture of her hair, it felt softer without a residue.  Love this product!  Thanks Tracey!!!!

- Teresa E.

Being a person who suffers from Psoriasis, my scalp was always itchy and sore.  I couldn't find an over-the-counter product that helped ease my condition until I was introduced to Aloe + Coal By T. Spruill®.  This shampoo and conditioner is simply amazing!  On the first use my scalp was soothed and feeling clean and healthy.  I would recommend this product to everyone!

- Chrissy D.

My sister and I both suffer from seborrheic dermatitis (scalp eczema) and she bought the Aloe + Coal shampoo and conditioner for me. It has reversed my symptoms completely when nothing else has worked! The conditioner makes my hair unbelievably soft, which is pretty difficult to do with my coarse and kinky 4c hair. I’m a believer and will only be using this shampoo/conditioner for as long as I can. Thank you!!

- Aria H.

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